Ashley’s Sleep Science Success Story

Ashley thought her sleep issues were genetic and something she inherited from her family.  She used to tell people she was just a bad sleeper. Her sleep was inconsistent, sometimes taking her until 4 or 5 in the morning to fall asleep.  

“Sleep was a big stressor for me.” 

Before joining Sleep Science Academy, she was in a routine of using CBD to help her fall asleep every night.  Before that she had tried many other sleep remedies from magnesium to Benadryl.

The band aid fixes would work temporarily.  She would have periods of being ok, then be triggered by a stressful event or travel and would end up back in a spiral of anxiety and stressful sleep.  

When Ashley got pregnant, she could no longer rely on her supplements to help her fall asleep and her insomnia spiraled.

Starting the program at Sleep Science Academy, Ashley began the mind phase which helped her see results in just a matter of weeks.   It helped her address the panic attacks that came when the hours passed and she wasn’t asleep.  

“In the first 2-3 weeks I started noticing substantial changes in how I was sleeping.”

Ashley says she had a very positive experience working with Sleep Science Academy and that it was more than she was hoping for. 

“It was extremely helpful to combat those racing thoughts that I was getting early in the night that were causing me to struggle falling asleep. Now sleep is not something I think about.” 

She has seen a huge improvement in her life now that she’s no longer stressing about sleep.  Still pregnant and sleeping better than she has in years, she has been able to travel and get her life back without having to worry about sleep. 

Ashley recommends the program to anyone who struggles with any form of insomnia and wants to stop putting a band aid on the situation and really solve the problem. 

“Keep an open mind! There are answers and help out there as long as you are willing to make changes.”