Ashley’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Insomnia to Vacationing In Hawaii Feeling Rested


Ashley first came to Sleep Science Academy in October 2020, after suffering from chronic onset and maintenance insomnia (not being able to get or stay asleep) for 6 months that limited her ability to be the awesome Mom and wife she knew she was.

Ashley was having panic attacks and major anxiety and stress over not being able to sleep the way she knew she could. It would take Ashley about 3 hours to fall asleep and on average she was getting less than 5 hours of sleep per night.

A lack of sleep led her to anti-anxiety and sleeping prescription drugs (that she didn’t like taking because of the side effects). Even after months of being on these medications she would wake up exhausted and feared going to bed.

Ashely’s confusion and hopelessness cause her to put life on hold while she searched for a solution – thankfully she found Sleep Science Academy.

“I suffered from really bad insomnia for about 6 months. It felt like an uphill battle and I was losing. I was tired and tired of feeling drugged. I knew these medications were not the answer.”

After following the SSA method and getting the support she needed, Ashely began to make progress slowly and soon found the SSA method reduced her stress around sleep which lead to her healing her relationship with her bed and bedroom.
She was able to move past the chronic sleep-less nights and begin to have consistency in her days and get back to living again. She was also able to travel to Hawaii and enjoy the trip with her family.

“After going through the program my sleep is so much better! The best part is I’m laughing again and I now look and feel amazing! This program is totally worth every penny! I’m so grateful I took action and enrolled

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Ashley is back to being an awesome Mom and partner again. Her quality of life has gone WAY up.

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