Arleen’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From Chronic Insomnia to Medication Free

This is Arleen’s Sleep Science Academy review. Arleen has dealt with sleep issues her entire adult life.  A sufferer of chronic insomnia, Arleen had trouble falling and staying asleep and finally resorted to prescription medication to combat her bed dread, anxiety and frustration around sleep. 

Going through the program at SSA, Arleen’s sleep went from fearful to accepting and she no longer dwells on her sleep problems during the day. 

“I experienced many sleepless nights. It was debilitating.”

Arleen worked with her doctor to come up with a plan to wean off her medication.  Equipped with the tools from the program, she had the confidence and mindset to begin the process.  It took time, patience, acceptance and grace, but with the support of her coach, Arleen is finally medication free

“My sleep has improved greatly.  Now, any challenging nights are easier to deal with because of my positive way of thinking about it.”

Through her experience with Sleep Science Academy, Arleen gained the tools to deal with her anxiety and handle any other stressors in her life.  She said: “I discovered a calm side of myself I didn’t know I had.  Sleep Science Academy is the starting and ending point.”  


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