Andy Sleep Science Success Story

Andy suspects that the main reason the other things didn’t work is because they were addressing the symptoms of his problem and not addressing the main issue.  What he was trying was not looking at the holistic picture and addressing the root cause. 

Before finding Sleep Science Academy, Andy says his sleep was “absolutely dreadful”..  What would start as a bad night here and there, would then turn into multiple bad nights in a row.  The worst it got was 10-11 nights in a row of no sleep or less than an hour of sleep a night consecutively.

“I felt like a walking zombie.  I was absolutely horrible.”

After joining the program at Sleep Science Academy, Andy started sleeping better almost instantly.  Within a few days he was coping better with his anxiety around sleep, and by the second week was in a groove of getting consecutive nights in a row of good sleep.

“I’m very happy to say I’m sleeping every night consistently, at least 6 hours of sleep.  The occasional off night doesn’t throw me off track anymore because I have the tools to handle it.  I feel a thousand times better” 

Sleep Science Academy exceeded Andy’s wildest expectations.  He said it was a perfect cocktail of personal support mixed with the trainings to be done on his own time. 

“It really transformed my life.”

Now that he is getting consistent sleep, Andy says he has more energy, feels better, doesn’t get sick as much, is not grouchy in the morning, is thinking more clearly and seen improvement with his relationship with wife and kids. 

Andy recommends Sleep Science Academy to anyone who is struggling with their sleep and has tried the more typical remedies without much success.  He believes anyone could benefit from this. 

 “Go big or go home! Dive in and solve it so you can sleep well for the rest of your life.”