Al’s Sleep Science Academy Review

Over the years, Al tried many resources to solve his sleep.  He went to three different sleep doctors, had multiple sleep studies done and was put on just about every sleep medication that can be prescribed. He also had a sleep apnea device implanted to help with the physical obstruction that might be contributing to lost sleep.

The sleep studies helped to diagnose the apnea but did not solve the sleep issue.  The medications weren’t useful for helping the psychological piece of his insomnia.

Al struggled with maintenance insomnia, which meant he would wake up after a few hours of sleep and be unable to fall back asleep. 

“I would get very frustrated and anxious and judgmental [about my sleep] which would feed into poor sleep on a regular basis. Then I would be angry with myself for being angry with myself.”

Upon completing the program with Sleep Science Academy Al’s sleep isn’t perfect, but he has seen success with his ability to fall back asleep after an early morning wake up.  And importantly, has seen huge improvements with his attitude and relationship towards sleep.  

Al had a great experience working with the team at Sleep Science Academy and plans to continue learning and moving forward in his sleep journey.

“The web resources were awesome, and I plan to keep those on my shortcuts and revisit those from time to time.”

After improving his attitude towards sleep, Al says he has more energy, a better attitude and a better appetite.  “My general physical sense of well-being is much improved.”

He recommends Sleep Science Academy to anyone who is having sleep onset or sleep maintenance issues, a mindset of non-acceptance or self-criticism or who wants excellent perspective, guidance and professional resources to solving their sleep. 

“If you’re here, you didn’t get here overnight.  Stick with the program, work the program, follow the resources, and be patient with yourself.”