Chronotype: Morning – Lion

lion chronotype

“The early lion gets the worm. This chronotype feels most alive in the morning with energy levels peaking before noon, and is typically able to complete massive amounts of work before lunch. Waking up early is a breeze for lions and everything tends to run smoothly until midday. Just as fast as energy for a lion is gained, it’s lost.

The afternoon slump hits this group hard, often needing a power nap to recharge, and by the evening they feel drained. It’s important for lions to have an evening wind-down routine to help them decompress from the day, before calling it an early night around 10 p.m. Lions generally need around eight hours of sleep per night to sustain their high energy levels in the early morning.  

The ideal daily schedule for a lion looks like:

  • 6–7 a.m.: Wake up
  • 8 a.m.–12 p.m.: Focus on deep work
  • 12–4 p.m.: Focus on lighter tasks
  • 4–9 p.m.: Daily unwind and relax
  • 9–10 p.m.: Get ready for bed
  • 10 p.m. – 6 a.m.: Sleep

Fifteen percent of the population considers themselves lions. Usually seen exercising early and the first in the office, they’re early risers and have a lot of energy during their prime hours. Almost always type-A people, lion chronotypes typically harness charisma and are usually seen as leaders by their peers.”

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