Chronotype: Morning – Lion

lion chronotype

Like their wild counterpart, the Lion chronotype is a creature of the
morning. These early risers can burn through vast amounts of work before
noon. But their productivity drops significantly after midday, often
necessitating a power nap to recover.

The evening usually finds Lions without energy making it critical that this
chronotype has a routine that helps them unwind from the day in
preparation for sleep.

Since awakening early is in their nature, the typical Lion requires about
eight hours of sleep each night to fuel their intense activity the next
morning. For this reason, calling it a day at around 10 pm is the ideal target
for the Lion.

Typically type-A personalities and often seen as leaders, this charismatic
chronotype is usually the first to the office after their early morning exercise
routines, accounting for 15% of the population.

The Lion’s typical day looks like this:

  • 6–7 am: Rise and Shine
  • 8 am–12 pm: Concentrate on challenging tasks
  • 12–4 pm: Focus on simpler tasks
  • 4–9 pm: Daily decompression routine
  • 9–10 pm: Prepare for bed
  • 10 pm – 6 am: 8 hours of sleep