Why Sleep is Sexy


March 10, 2023 5 MIN READ

Sleep is Sexy

Why Sleep is Sexy

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth–sleep actually makes you sexier. 

Unsurprisingly, your physical health depends on how much shut-eye you get each day. How can one do mental gymnastics in the office and give it their all in every meeting or project if they keep dozing off? How can one look their best if their face and body are constantly inflamed? And most importantly, how can one perform optimally in the bedroom–yes, we went there–if they are running on fumes? 

If you want to show up as your best, sexiest, most vibrant self, integrating 7–9 hours into your daily life is a must.  Read on to see why sleep is sexy. 

What happens when you don’t get proper sleep?

  • Skin problems
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Poorer decision-making, especially when it comes to food
  • Less sex and lower sex drive
  • A decline in physical health
  • Slower recovery time
  • Decreased ability to participate and perform–both mentally and physically

Of course, this is just scratching the surface of what can result from improper sleep. It comes as no surprise that all these inconveniences will make you feel less confident, less able to show up, and less…well, sexy.

Here’s Why Sleep is Sexy…

Better brain function

Proper sleep allows you to tap into your cognitive powers with ease and grace. Not only does a good night’s rest help with recall and learning capabilities, but it will also ignite your desire to challenge yourself, withholding “the sky’s the limit” mentality. You’ll be able to sustain your energy levels throughout the day, helping you become more present and engaged in meetings and projects. Say goodbye to the inability to concentrate and hello to wooing your clients, dazzling your boss, and getting one step closer to getting that promotion. 

After all, life is one big marketing campaign, where we must sell ourselves repeatedly–to our peers, to potential employers, to potential suitors. Sufficient sleep provides you with the energy and confidence you need to work hard and deliver, and that is just plain sexy. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Your dedication to your work and desire to challenge yourself can attract the right people. Intelligence is sexy! 

Regulated hormones

Hormone health is critical if you want to get through daily tasks without feeling tired, stressed, anxious, moody, or incompetent. During your sleep, your body produces and releases hormones that support cell and tissue repair and other growth functions, supercharging you in the night so that you can be an all-star during the day. These hormones also control your body’s use and distribution of energy. They are responsible for building muscle mass–allowing you to achieve a toned build and enough power to prance around to show it off.

The stress hormone–cortisol–leads you to look overworked, face swelling, and even have baggy eyes. When cortisol is regulated, your acne clears, and your apprehension or feelings of helplessness melt away. What is the gate code to this enhanced lifestyle? Hopping aboard the sleep train, of course. 

We’ll touch on this later, but your hormones are–obviously–also responsible for your sex drive, and low libido won’t help you keep a relationship thriving as it should. More sleep equals more sexy time. 

Healthier Skin

A clinical and experimental dermatology study discovered that people who slept 7-9 hours a night possessed skin that retained moisture better. Additionally, their skin could protect and heal itself better after exposure to UV light compared to those who slept 5 hours or less. Yes, just 2 more hours of sleep can make a huge difference! 

Sufficient sleep enables your body and brain to regulate hormones and deliver the nutrients it needs to thrive. With increased blood circulation and collagen levels–thanks to sleeping of course–your skin will give off that healthy glow—no more puffiness, inflammation, or appearance of hollowness or eye bags. A lifeless complexion can become vibrant by simply adding a few extra hours of rest. You quite literally will look and feel better with adequate sleep. 

If you want the secret to looking young, rest assured it’s not just sunscreen. Poor sleep leads to premature aging, so let your body receive proper rest and continue the natural cell regeneration cycle, and voilà! The fountain of youth is at your beckoning call.

Higher energy levels

Aside from a radiant complexion, energy is the gateway to confidence. Sleep conserves and restores energy through glycogen, which stores energy in the brain. We want to avoid decreased glycogen, which restricts muscles from producing ATP quickly enough to maintain high performance, especially during a workout. 

Suppose you are an athlete or in a profession where you must exert physical energy or manual labor. In that case, you understand how essential it is to perform appropriately–regular exercise generally leads to better quality sleep. This feedback loop is vital. With low glycogen levels, your muscles will feel weak or crampy. Paired with adenosine, produced during waking hours and induces sleepiness, you’ll feel tired and unable to contribute efficiently–both physically and mentally–as your energy balance is thrown off. All this to say, you must ensure proper rest before and after intense physical exertion to maintain stamina and deliver peak performance metrics. 

If you’re in a creative field, a proper dose of high energy can also lead to a more creative state. Think of all the masterpieces you could create if you just let your body rest! All signs point to more sleep. High energy also puts you in a cheerful mood, and who isn’t attracted to someone with a good attitude?

Better body

When you are sleep-deprived, the chemicals in your body fool you into believing you’re hungry, even when you might be full or not need food. A red light bulb jolts to your hunger hormone, and then you are deceived into consuming, perhaps to a point of overindulgence. We’ve discussed that sleep deprivation can lead to poorer decision-making, which also applies to eating the right foods. Your body might crave more sugar-loaded, carb-loaded, or processed foods when it truly needs proper rest. Do you want a hot and healthy body? Sleep it up, baby!

With faster reflex times and more agility, you can move your body and participate in physical activity with more fluidity, leading to a stronger, more resilient physical body. Additionally, sleep acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce face and body swelling. Sleep is the magic ingredient to eliminate wrinkles, brighten and revitalize dull or pale skin, and combat sagging and swelling. 

Steamier–and more frequent–sex

Sleep quite literally can lead to better sex. Low desire for sexual activity can stem from being too tired, and it can also stem from an imbalance in hormones. So how do we fix that? No one likes to hear “I’m not in the mood” or “I’m too tired to have sex.” Exhaustion should not be an excuse. With sufficient sleep, you’ll have enough energy to have a couple of rounds!!  

Research studies have revealed that sexual arousal may be linked to how much sleep you’re obtaining. According to one study, women’s libido increased by 14% for every additional hour of sleep. Additionally, Oxytocin–the feel-good love hormone–may help increase the hormone estrogen in women and prolactin in men–which is released during orgasm. Prolactin also promotes sleepiness, so post-sex, this can help men get a good night’s rest.

It really is a ripple effect, another feedback loop. Better sex leads to better sleep, which can lead to better sex, which–yes, leads to better sleep. Do you see what we’re getting at here? On the opposite end of the spectrum, too little sex causes sleepiness and irritability. Let’s be honest; being irritable isn’t sexy. There is evidence that cortisol levels decline after orgasm, so you will feel less stressed and irritable after sex. All signs lead to more sex. We mean sleep. Well, more sleep and more sex.

Truly, sleep is your superpower! If you’re reading this in the wee hours of the night or feeling like you have reduced sleep, shut off the computer, close those eyelids and let your body do the work. You won’t regret getting that restorative night of sleep! If you have trouble falling asleep, incorporate a nightly routine that helps get you prepped for bed. We’re not just talking about washing the face and brushing the teeth; we’re talking about implementing a skin care regimen, perhaps curling up in a blanket and reading a book, or writing down 3 great things that happened that day. Getting back in flow by incorporating bulk or coupled habits surrounding sleep can help! Much like sleep, self-care is also sexy.

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