How to Use Tactile Breathing to Improve Insomnia With Stefanie Broes

How to Use Tactical Breathing to Improve Insomnia

🚀 Main Points:

1. Introduction to Stephanie Broes and Moonbird:

  • Stephanie Broes, co-founder of Moonbird, has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Developed Moonbird due to her own insomnia during her PhD.

2. Journey to Creating Moonbird:

  • Initially explored yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to tackle her sleep problems naturally.
  • Discovered that slow breathing exercises could calm the nervous system quickly.

3. Development of the Moonbird Device:

  • The device is designed to guide users’ breathing using tactile feedback (expanding and contracting in the hand).
  • This tactile element helps focus the mind and calm the nervous system.

4. Benefits of Tactile Breathing:

  • Helps in shifting from sympathetic (stress) to parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system.
  • Effective in reducing hyperarousal and improving sleep quality.

5. Scientific Support and Personal Experience:

  • Stephanie emphasized the importance of scientific research in validating the effectiveness of slow breathing exercises.
  • Personal and customer experiences highlight the device’s ability to improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

6. Research Findings:

  • A study with 40 participants showed significant improvements in sleep quality, restfulness, and reduced night awakenings.


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