Margaret’s Sleep Science Academy Review

From 1 AM Wake-Ups to Deep, Restful Sleep

Margaret was experiencing 1 am wake-ups, and found it impossible to go back to sleep.  She was trapped in an anxiety cycle around sleep and fear.  After just a few weeks in the program, Margaret quickly started feeling better and falling asleep faster. 

“Sleep now is not a problem.”

Before joining Sleep Science Academy, Margaret tried a sleep study, melatonin, Zzzquil and prescription medication.  Each of these solutions would work for a while, then she would go back to where she started.  She could not focus at work and described herself as “highly irritable”. She resorted to increasing her coffee intake to help with the fatigue, which just contributed to less and less sleep. It was then that Margaret knew she needed to make a change!

Working with Sleep Science Academy taught Margaret the skills she needed to help with her anxiety around sleep.  She now falls asleep within 2-10 minutes of lying down and is getting the deep and REM sleep that she needs.  

“Now [my sleep] is calming.  I learned deep sleep is a natural process and to just let it happen.   I have the tools now to help me get back to sleep without too much emotional distress.”

The skills Margaret learned in the program have helped with the anxiety and stress she experiences throughout her life, not just with sleep.  It’s helped her work through stress around her work, kids and dog.  

“It taught me to be present. Everything is better.”

Now she’s back to cooking healthy meals, drinking water and exercising.  Her job is better and relationships have improved.  She no longer uses sleep as an excuse to miss out on her life. 

Margaret says the Sleep Science Academy program is for everyone and recommends anyone joining to be in the mindset to surrender and be willing to do the work!  She advises giving it time and take little steps.

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