What is Adult Sleep Coaching?

Adult sleep coaching is at the intersection of sleep information and behavioral change, essentially the knowledge of all things sleep and how to implement behavioral change.

It’s really simple. 

What Are Adult Sleep Coaches?

Adult sleep coaches are personal guides to sleep better. 

An adult sleep coach isn’t a sage on the stage; they’re a guide on the side. They’re someone who can walk you step-by-step to a result. Adult sleep Coaching is an art and a science. There is an art to coaching and an intuitive sensing side. Then there is the science of coaching, the tools, techniques, patterns, and strategies. 

Adult sleep coaches use their broad knowledge of sleep, health, and wellness to help clients improve their sleep. They create the space for change to happen. A good or great coach knows their client needs space to process, connect with what they’ve forgotten, or see what’s out of balance. That takes patience and the opportunity for space.

We often go about life without having or creating the necessary space to thoroughly evaluate our thoughts and beliefs or the things happening around us. Holding or creating space is an art and a science essential for good coaching.

Adult sleep coaches provide a plan, tools, techniques, and support to implement them. A good coach will hold you accountable and guide you to take responsibility for your results and well-being; they help you when you’re stuck.

In adult sleep coaching, you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. 

Coaches provide perspective, help you take time to see what needs to change, and identify your blind spots that prevent results.

Frequently, we get stuck in our own little world, our perception of what we believe is true, which is a limited perception. A coach can take the blinders off our eyes and open them up so we can see more possibilities to take action to get results. In this case, we’re talking about sleep.

Adult Sleep Coaching Techniques

A great adult sleep coach is a skillful interviewer and motivator who understands the stages of change, habit formation, and reversal and shows clients how to implement behavioral changes.

An expert sleep coach must also be knowledgeable about sleep and a compassionate listener.  Your adult sleep coach should be knowledgeable on topics like the science of sleep, its stages, what happens when we sleep, the barriers that inhibit sleep, and how to overcome them.

Adult sleep coaching is about accountability, goal setting, and achieving sleep results by empowering clients with insights, tools, knowledge, and, of course, support.

Work with a Sleep Science Academy Adult Sleep Coach

Sleep Science Academy’s unique adult sleep coaching method draws from numerous disciplines and approaches to best support our clients. Using our proprietary program, they can help you identify your specific issues and aid you in developing effective strategies to overcome your sleep challenges.

In this article, you can learn more about Dynamic Sleep Recalibration (DSR) and how it can help you achieve better sleep.

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