What does the program include?

The Sound Sleep System Training

Unlock lifetime access to the Sound Sleep System online training featuring our proven, science-based, 3-phase step-by-step process for systematically retraining your body and mind to sleep again naturally. No need to travel to a sleep center or office. You’ll have access to all the tools you’ll need to execute each step from the comfort of your own home and finally get and stay asleep all night.

Personal Sleep Coaching

Meet with your certified Sleep Coach each week to get personalized support implementing the Sound Sleep System to ensure you get maximum sleep results that last well past your time in the program. Get expert answers, emotional support, and clear action steps to move forward and improve your sleep week by week.

Advanced Sleep Technology & Analysis
Welcome to the most accurate consumer sleep tracker in the world! It’s like a sleep lab wrapped around your finger. Easily track your key vitals like body temperature, heart rate, and HRV to support you in improving how much time you spend in each sleep stage. Your certified Sleep Coach will evaluate your sleep data so that you can scientifically understand your sleep patterns and identify ways to improve them.

Weekly Small Group Coaching
Learn with and be surrounded by a community of people all taking action to naturally sleep again, just like you, in a confidential and supportive setting that our clients have described as both therapeutic & eye-opening. During these optional weekly group sessions, you’ll get tailored one-on-one support to answer your questions, remove roadblocks & receive personalized support for even faster sleep results.

The program includes the following:

  • Proven step-by-step sleep sound sleep system modules delivered via a private membership area.
  • Weekly 30-minute 1:1 personal sleep coaching sessions* (7 sessions in total)
  • Weekly group office hours to get extra personal support with renowned sleep coach Devin Burke
  • Virtual sleep tracking via the Oura Ring (device not included)
  • 8-weeks of reactive + live email support
  • Lifetime access to the private members’ coaching area

The only thing you have to lose… is more sleep.

You can get started by scheduling a sleep consultation to see if you qualify for our program.