Jaclyn’s Sleep Science Success Story

Before joining Sleep Science Academy Jaclyn tried to fix her sleep by using prescription medication and various relaxation techniques.  These fixes didn’t work for her because she realized she was in a pattern of trying to force her sleep, instead of letting her body do what it naturally does. 

Jaclyn struggled with falling asleep.  She found herself in a cycle of thinking and worrying about sleep which resulted in increased anxiety.  The anxiety created around the need for sleep just compounded the problem and made it even more difficult for Jaclyn to fall asleep.

After working with Sleep Science Academy, Jaclyn is falling asleep easily.  It took about a month for her to start seeing improvement and now she’s regularly sleeping through the night. 

“I can fall asleep a lot more easily!  My life is drastically improved.” 

Now she no longer stresses or ruminates about sleeping and feels awake and alert for work and to engage in her social life. 

Throughout working with Sleep Science Academy, Jaclyn felt very supported during her one-on-one coaching sessions, while attending Office Hours, and while being a part of the community

“I felt like I had a team working to get me through it.”

She recommends Sleep Science Academy to anyone who’s really struggling with sleep and feels like they’ve tried everything and don’t know what else to do.

“It’s gonna get better! Relax and accept the hurdles that life brings.”