You are unique. Your sleep protocol should be, too.

The New Strategy That’s Solving Insomnia With Science

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You’ve tried the sleeping pills and supplements, making your room cold and dark, all the internets tips and tricks and you’re ready for something that actually works.

Results From Clients of Sleep Science Academy

“I thought I tried everything… melatonin, Zzzquil, cold dark room etc. and nothing worked… but after just two weeks working with Sleep Science Academy, I was able to get and stay asleep every night.”

Natassia – Marketing Stratgiest

“I had terrible insomnia for years and hated going to bed because it was a constant reminder of my sleep issues. In the first week of the program, I started to experience results. After completing the program and finally being able to sleep… I would pay 3-4 times what I paid. I finally got my sleep back and can pursue my dreams once again. ”

Yesenia – Teacher

“I suffered from insomnia for the past 12 years. I didn’t think it was possible to fall asleep without sleep medication. Within the first 7 days of the program, I was able to fall and stay asleep without medication which was really amazing. I immediately saw results.

Marc – Entrepreneur

“Going through Sleep Science Academy’s insomnia solution was sleep and life-changing. It’s a comprehensive complete insomnia solution. My sleep has improved drastically.

Chet – Engineer

“I suffered from really bad insomnia for about 8 months. As many things as I tried to help me sleep nothing was working and I was very frustrated. After going through the program my sleep is now incredible. I’m now getting the amount of sleep I need and feel great!”

Steve – Finacial Advisor

I feel like I’ve experienced a miracle… I suffered from insomnia all my life. I had tried all different types of medications and natural sleep solutions and nothing worked. I had just about lost hope until I discovered Sleep Science Academy. I now sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling energized like I’ve had my battery recharged!

Peg – Hair Stylist

Meet Devin Burke

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, I can help you.

I’ve intensively studied sleep, I’ve done all the research, attended seminars and conferences, read all the books, and get my clients results really quickly.

I’ve developed a very effective step-by-step solution for insomniacs to get and stay asleep even if they’ve “tried everything.”

✔ ​Helped hundreds of people (re) train their body & mind to sleep: I’m a certified Sleep Science Coach and the founder of Sleep Science Academy

✔ ​TEDx and International Speaker: I’ve spoken on the prestigious TEDx stage and stages all around the world.

Named “One Of The Top 25 Health Coaches” in America. There are over 109,000+ health coaches in America I was named one of the top 25 for the results I get.

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Built By An Expert, Backed By Science

A Unique Approach

We fix insomnia with science. We pair proven methods backed by science with the most cutting-edge sleep technology and world class coaching to help you solve sleep.

That’s the reason so many of our clients are overcoming weeks, months and years of insomnia within just the first few weeks of working with us… we guarantee better sleep.

Who We’re For…

Exhausted insomniacs and high achievers who can’t sleep and are ready to start living again by being free of insomnia. If you’re ready to finally solve your insomnia we are ready to help you.

We found our clients who get the best results are coachable, open and committed.

If that’s you, then schedule a sleep breakthrough call with one of our sleep support specialists and we will reveal the step-by-step strategy we’re using to help our clients say goodbye to sleepless nights forever.


Why is this call complementary?

Our goal is to help has many people as possible to restore their natural ability to sleep.

How is this approach different from what I have tried?

Our methods address the root causes of insomnia rather than just the symptoms which is why they result in life-long sleep improvements. Our program goes WAY beyond sleep hygiene advice and even traditional CBT-I.

What is the success rate with this new approach?

Our current success rate is 97% because our entire holistic philosophy is built around one question: “What is going to get our clients the best results?”

After The Program, Clients:
– Have no more sleep anxiety aka “bed dread”
– Fall asleep faster (within half an hour)
– Spends <20 minutes awake during the night (if at all)
– Enjoy 6-8 hours of refreshing sleep each night

Why is this new approach so effective?

Our comprehensive and unique program empowers clients to take action on both science-based cognitive and behavioral techniques shown to be effective for improving insomnia.


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