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Restore Your Natural Ability To Sleep

No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

What is Sleep Science Academy?

Sleep Science Academy is an incredibly simple, online 8-week sleep coaching program that eliminates sleep issues and includes a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee. It can be done anywhere, on your phone or computer, making it incredibly convenient for anyone to do, even while traveling. By completing our program you’ll quickly realize there is nothing to good to be true about sleeping naturally and that poor sleep is a symptom not the problem.

  • NAll natural, no supplements or medications required
  • NMore advanced than CBT-I
  • NNot based on sleep restriction
  • N97% success rate
  • N100% money-back guarantee
  • NResults in as little as 1-3 days
  • NDoctor approved program
  • NUnique and exclusive sleep coaching protocol
  • NProgram length is 8-weeks
  • NOnly 2-3 hours per week to complete (no daily time commitment)
  • NFor mild to the most extreme cases
  • NFor those who’ve already tried everything else
  • NFor those with no time or money to waste

What We Help With

  • Falling asleep quickly and easily
  • Sleep through the night
  • Sleep without taking pills
  • Eliminate sleep anxiety and obsession

Why Sleep Science Academy Works

At Sleep Science Academy, we’ve discovered that the inability to sleep for most people is primarily psychological due to stress and anxiety about not sleeping. It’s a 24-hour disorder that seems like a sleep or bedtime disorder.

Sleep is as vital to humans as sunlight and water are to plants, even more crucial for survival than food. Poor sleep severely impacts your mind and body, worsening over time, which is why it’s so important to address the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms.

Doctor Approved Pill-Free Approach

Using sleep aids for sleep is like placing a bucket under a leaky ceiling—it temporarily prevents a mess. Still, it doesn’t fix the leak, and eventually, the ceiling might collapse.

Sleep aids often have harmful side effects; however, the good news is that if you’re currently taking them, you can still take them during our program. The even better news is that once we eliminate your sleep issues naturally, you may no longer need them.

What the Program Includes:

  • PThe Sound Sleep System Training

    Lifetime access to the Sound Sleep System online training featuring our proven, science-based, step-by-step process for systematically retraining your body and mind to sleep again naturally. No need to travel to a sleep center or office. You’ll have access to all the tools you’ll need to execute each step from the comfort of your home and finally get and stay asleep all night.

  • PPersonal 1:1 Sleep Coaching

    Meet with your certified Sleep Coach each week to get personalized support implementing the Sound Sleep System to ensure you get maximum sleep results that last well past your time in the program. Get expert answers, emotional support and clear action steps to move forward and improve your sleep week by week.

  • PAdvanced Sleep Technology & Analysis

    Welcome to the most accurate consumer sleep tracker in the world! It's like a sleep lab wrapped around your finger. Easily track your key vitals like body temperature, heart rate, and HRV to support you in improving how much time you spend in each sleep stage. Your certified Sleep Coach will evaluate your sleep data so that you can scientifically understand your sleep patterns and identify ways to improve it.

  • PWeekly Small Group Coaching

    Learn with and be surrounded by a community of people all taking action to naturally sleep again, just like you, in a confidential and supportive setting that our clients have described as both therapeutic & eye-opening. During these optional weekly group sessions, you’ll get tailored one-on-one support to answer your questions, remove roadblocks & receive personalized support for even faster sleep results.


The average person suffering from insomnia wastes between $1,000 – $3,000 a year on “Band-Aid” solutions that don’t solve their sleep issues and don’t come with a money-back guarantee. The one-time investment in our lifetime sleep solution will save you thousands of dollars in comparison and with absolutely no risk.

*Please watch our 4-minute video at the top of the page for full details and pricing. We are HSA/FSA eligible and offer payment plans as low as $217 per month.

Real Results From Clients of Sleep Science Academy

Since 2018, we’ve naturally restored sleep for thousands of clients worldwide. To see more video testimonials, click here.

No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The New Strategy That’s Solving Sleep With Science

You’ve tried sleeping aids and supplements, making your room cold and dark, and all the internet tips and tricks and you’re ready for something that actually works.


Meet Devin Burke

If you currently have difficulties falling or staying asleep, I can help you.

I’ve intensively studied sleep, I’ve done all the research, attended the seminars and conferences, read all the books and get my clients real results really quick.

I’ve developed a very effective sleep coaching program for those struggling to fall or stay asleep even if they’ve “tried everything.”

  • Helped thousands of people restore their natural ability to sleep: I’m a certified Sleep Science Coach and the founder of Sleep Science Academy
  • TEDx and International Speaker: I’ve spoken on the prestigious TEDx stage and stages all around the world.
  • Named “One Of The Top 25 Health Coaches” in America out of over 109,000 other health coaches.

No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee


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