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Devin Burke

Sleep Expert | TEDx Speaker

Tried Everything And Still Can’t Sleep?

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I help exhausted insomniacs all over the world to get and stay asleep. I’m a TEDx speaker and founder of Sleep Science Academy and was named “One of the Top 25 Health Coaches in America.

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Here’s What My Clients Are Saying

“Before working with Devin, the most I was able to sleep was about 5 hours (on a good night.) After just two weeks working with Devin, I was able to get and stay asleep almost every night. The best part is I have no more anxiety when I try to fall asleep… I feel more way more energized when I wake up in the morning.”

Natassia – Miami, FL

“I suffered from insomnia for the past 30 years. I thought that I tried everything and had just about lost hope until I met Devin and took his program. I now sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling energized like I’ve had my battery recharged, I feel more youthful, I got my memory and life back!”

Peg T – Kansas City, MO

“I had terrible insomnia for years and hated going to bed because it was a constant reminder of my sleep issues. In the first week of the program, I started to experience results. After completing the program and finally being able to sleep… I would pay 3-4 times what I paid. I finally got my sleep back and can pursue my dreams once again. ”

Yesenia – Orange County, CA

“I suffered from really bad insomnia for about 8 months. As many things as I tried to help me sleep nothing was working and I was very frustrated. After going through the program my sleep is now incredible. I’m now getting the amount of sleep I need and feel great!”

Steve – Outer Banks, NC

“Devin truly takes a holistic approach to your sleep, health and life and has been an amazing influence on my overall sleep, health, life and performance. Devin is someone who genuinely cares about helping his clients experience results. If you’re looking to solve your insomnia… Devin is your guy”


Do you want me to help you stay asleep all night in as little as 30 days and finally get the restful sleep you deserve?


And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?

If you currently have insomnia or think you may have it I can help you. I’ve intensively studied sleep, I’ve done all the research, attended the seminars and conferences, read all the books and get my clients real results really quick. I’ve developed a very effective step-by-step solution for insomniacs to get and stay asleep even if they’ve “tried everything.“

✔ ​Helped hundreds of people (re) train their body & mind to sleep: I’m a certified Sleep Science Coach and the founder of Sleep Science Academy

✔ ​TEDx and International Speaker: I’ve spoken on the prestigious TEDx stage and stages all around the world.

Named “One Of The Top 25 Health Coaches” in America. There are over 109,000+ health coaches in America I was named one of the top 25 for the results I get.


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