Obie’s Sleep Success Story


From a Choppy 4-5 Hours to a Solid 7 Hours

Obie first came to Sleep Science Academy after suffering from chronic maintenance insomnia (not being able to stay asleep) for about 4 years.

He had tried valium, sleep hygiene, sleep supplements and many sleep gadgets and was still struggled to get restorative sleep. He eventually realized that he was treating symptoms and not addressing the root of the issue. Which lead him to continue his search for a solution – thankfully he discovered Sleep Science Academy.

“Before the program, I was getting a choppy 4-5 hours and didn’t feel good the next day at all. After the program, I’m now getting a consistent 7+ hours of sleep per night.”

After about two weeks of being in the program, his sleep began to shift. The methods, system and coaching just make logical sense.

“Without sleep you have nothing. Now that I’m getting the sleep I need my quality of life has been elevated.”

Since experiencing such great results from the Sleep Science Academy program, Obie’s energy is back, he is back to working out and his mood has improved.  His advice to new clients is to keep an open mind and do the work.

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