Lorri’s Sleep Science Success Story

From Zombie to Alive Again

Before finding Sleep Science Academy, Lorri tried every supplement she could find to help her sleep.  She tried hypnosis, problem solved and researched, eventually turning to TCH.  The TCH put her into a “coma state” of sleep for 6 years. 

Working with Sleep Science Academy, Lorri quickly saw that the culprit of her sleep interruption was her mind.  It wasn’t until she addressed her thoughts around sleep that she was able to finally let her body do what it was made to do.  

Due to her THC usage, she felt she wasn’t getting the benefits of restorative, natural sleep.  She would wake up feeling like a zombie until she took a few shots of espresso. 

A month after starting the course Lorri started sleeping through the night. 

“I find my sleep to be alive! My brain goes through different types of healing which helps me be on point during the day. I no longer have the anxiety that I’m not going to sleep.” 

Now that Lorri is getting fulfilling, natural sleep, she finds that she’s now more patient with herself and others, more curious about sleep, and less anxious throughout the day and at night. 

“Working with SSA [was] one of the best experiences of my life. My coach was amazing and supportive…the content that Devin provides is something I’ll go back to for the rest of my life.”

She recommends to course to everyone, but especially to:

“Anyone who needs to sleep or wants to get healthy sleep should take this course.  It will change the way you think about sleep.”

Her advice as you begin working with Sleep Science Academy is to be patient with yourself, rely on the support from your coach and take advantage of all the content.

Sleep Science Academy has taught me how to sleep again.  It teaches you that through healing your sleep, you heal your life.”

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