How to Sleep Better while Traveling | Tips and Tricks


How To Get Your Best Nights Rest While Traveling

Sleep Travel Tip #1
Pack an eye mask. When you’re traveling, you’re in a lot of places that you might not have control over how much light exposure is going to be coming into your bedroom.

Sleep Travel Tip #2
Pack some electrical tape. Why? Because when you are traveling, there’s often little green lights on the TV and on the electronics, the coffee machine, whatever it might be in the hotel room that you’re staying in. You want to make sure that you put electrical tape on those little lights.

Sleep Travel Tip #3
Now the third thing you want to make sure you have is earplugs. Why would that be important? Well when you’re in a plane and there’s a screaming baby or when you’re in a hotel room and maybe they give you a room next to the ice machine or some loud partying neighbors, you want to make sure that you have control over how much sound is coming into your ears and your sleep environment.

Sleep Travel Tip #4
The next thing is requesting a room that allows you to take a hot bath, a hot Epsom salt bath even better. I recommend buying travel Epsom salt packets and keeping them in your travel bag. I recommend these

Implement these sleep travel tips on your next trip and let me know how it goes!

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