How to Sleep Better while Traveling | Tips and Tricks

Devin Burke, your coaching guide to a deep, peaceful night’s rest and founder of Sleep Science Academy, discusses his five tips for getting deep, peaceful sleep when traveling, whether for business or pleasure.

Today, I’m talking about some tools and tips to ensure you get the sleep you deserve so you can show up with the necessary energy.

Tip #1 Eye Mask

Having an eye mask when traveling is important because when on a plane, in a hotel room, or in many other places, you may not have control over the amount of light exposure in your bedroom. This consideration is essential.

You might be flying through time zones and going to bed a little earlier, but you need your room to be dark. Having an eye mask when traveling is crucial to block out the light on the plane and in the hotel room. Light in the bedroom negatively affects the amount and quality of sleep you can get.

Tip #2 Electrical Tape

Why electrical tape?

When traveling, there are little green lights on the TV and electronics, coffee machines, and other items that might be in the hotel room where you are staying. You want to ensure you put electrical tape over those little lights.

You want to cover those LED lights and the green and blue fluorescent lights from electronics with electrical tape for better sleep. In one study, a small light on the subject’s skin was enough to disturb their sleep, even with an eye mask.

You might think, “Wow, that’s a little overboard,” and maybe it is. But you need to go a little above and beyond if you want to get that deep, quality sleep you deserve and show up at your best.

Tip #3 Earplugs

Carrying earplugs is prudent because you want to be sure you have control over the amount of sound reaching your ears and sleep environment. There may be a screaming baby on your plane, your hotel room near the ice machine, or next to a loud party, and high-quality earplugs are essential for achieving the necessary rest.

This solution is simple and easy, but it’s surprising how many people don’t carry earplugs when they need them the most. Just throw some in your travel bag, and you are ready to go.

Tip #4 A Hot Bath

Ideally, your room will allow for a hot bath with Epsom salts. You can purchase little Epson salt packets to keep in your travel bag. This bath is an amazing thing to do after a long day at the conference or after a big meeting.

Putting some Epson salts in your hot bath and sinking into it will help you sleep deeper.

Tip #5 Stick with Your Routine

If you don’t have access to a bath, you can take a hot shower and perform your nighttime ritual of stretches and perhaps some sleepy time tea, meditation, or anything to wind your body down.

When traveling, it’s essential to stick with your evening ritual to wind your mind and body down so you can wake up and rock & roll.

Final Thoughts

Traveling finds us in unfamiliar environments that often affect the quality of our sleep. Controlling and managing the sound and light of your sleep environment is essential for achieving deep, peaceful rest to wake up ready to face the day.

Keeping an eye mask, earplugs, Epsom salts, and even a roll of electrical tape in your travel bag can make your next trip less challenging and more successful and enjoyable.

Maintaining your evening routine is also a smart strategy when you travel. If you don’t have a routine to help you unwind at the end of the day to prepare yourself for quality sleep, we are here to help.

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