Chris’ Sleep Science Success Story

From 2-3 Hours to 8+ Hours of Sleep

Chris tried so many things to solve his insomnia.  He tried prescription medication and supplements which would work initially, but he kept having to increase the dosage.  Eventually the medications stopped working entirely.  He researched and even attended a clinic to try to fix his sleep, but also didn’t find the relief he was looking for.

The other things he tried didn’t work because he wasn’t addressing the underlying anxiety that was contributing to the insomnia.  

Before Sleep Science Academy, Chris went up to 4 days without sleeping which landed him in the hospital desperate for relief. This landed him with another round of medications, which didn’t continue supporting his sleep once he left the hospital.  Chris was stuck in this pattern of combining alcohol with his medication or edibles. Nothing seemed to work and he found himself in a terrible cycle.  

“I was lucky if I got 2-3 hours of sleep a night.” 

Chris started seeing improvement in his sleep in the first 10 days after starting the course. 

“Within 2 weeks I was starting to sleep through the night.  Now I sleep 8 hours a night. Sometimes I’ve gotten 9 and up to 10. I joke with my wife that now I have the opposite problem.”

Now that he’s getting the rest that he needs, he’s been able to get his professional and personal life back on track.  He’s up for a promotion and his wife and kids are relieved to have their husband and dad back.

Sleep Science Academy gave me the help that I needed with my anxiety.  I got the tools that I needed to put in a good nighttime routine.  I was able to do the work and found success in a short amount of time.” 

Chris recommends the program to anyone who struggles with their sleep or is considering going on sleep medication.  

“The program works.  Sleep Science Academy changed my life.”