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How to get and stay asleep naturally


"Before Sleep Science Academy I was having extreme insomnia with several nights with getting NO SLEEP at all. After taking the program, I’m back to sleeping normally again and actually sleeping better than before."


"I would toss and turn and some nights I wouldn’t sleep at all. My sleep was a complete mess. But within just the first week of starting the program and implementing the tools, I was able to sleep through the night and since then I’m sleeping great."


"I could not sleep without taking sleep medication and have been relying on a sedative for over 10 years. After taking the program, I’m now happy to share my sleep anxiety is gone and I’m completely sleeping medication-free and sleeping."


"Before Sleep Science Academy I was very frustrated because I would be up between 1-3 hours a night. I thought I was stuck with being a poor sleeper for life. But now I sleep on average 7.5 hours a night."


"I was getting 4 hours or less a night and sometimes not sleeping at all. I tried melatonin, Remeron, and practicing sleep hygiene all of which didn’t work. After completing the program I now sleep on average 7.5 hours per night and wake up feeling refreshed."


"Before sleep science academy I was sleeping just 3 hours per night. I had tried sleep medication, supplements, meditation and even seeing a psychologist. Within just a week of joining the program, my sleep improved drastically."


"I’ve had terrible insomnia for over ten years. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and I would wake up and toss and turn many times during the night. Now, most nights I fall asleep within 15-30 minutes and stay asleep throughout the night."


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